Why Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Louisville

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Car crashes are perhaps the most devastating and prevalent of all accidents people are generally involved in. A car accident could bring about consequences difficult for an individual and his/her family to bear. The accident’s immediate effects, right from expensive medical care to physical trauma, could be tough to handle. However, long-term outcomes such as loss of income due to no time spent at the workplace, emotional trauma, and also permanent disability could be much more devastating.

Things to Do Immediately After an Accident

As aforementioned, car accidents have the potential to turn things upside down within a matter of seconds. The following are the things you must do if you’ve been in an accident in Louisville:

• Call the cops to report the accident. The police would gather all information from the parties involved in the car accident. The majority of accident reports are accessible within a week or two post the accident.

• You’d also need to collect evidence and click images from the accident scene. Taking pictures is recommended only if there are no legal issues to such photography. It’s not advisable to risk your life for gathering or capturing accident-related evidence or images. The information you’ll need to gather include the driver’s name, residential address, phone number, insurance firm details, license plate number, and car model and make. Also capture images of the damages incurred by all vehicles involved in the accident, the accident scene in general, and the people involved in the accident and their injuries.

• Visit a doctor to confirm your injury status. Some injuries may show up only after a few days post the accident. Get medical attention so that the insurance firm knows a medical doctor checked your physical state post the accident.

Car Repair and the Fixes

Besides personal injuries, repairing the car is another major setback to a road accident. It’s not just the costs, but the time you’ll have to wait for the insurance firm to come by and appraise your vehicle to assess the total damage done. Till that process is completed, you’ll probably end up driving a dilapidated car or would have to resort to alternative transportation modes.

If your vehicle has collision insurance , you’ve got a couple of repair options.

• Generally, the quickest and most hassle-free method to go about the repairs is getting in touch with your own insurance firm. This should kick-start the entire repair process immediately. Call the insurance firm and have a claim set up at the earliest. By taking the insurance firm route, you’ll end up saving time and also pay your deductible. The insurance firm would try collecting the deductible, and also the sum they remitted for car repairs from the insurance firm of the party at fault.

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• The second method may take a bit longer than the first option. To begin with, if information exchange didn’t happen at the accident scene, you’ll obviously have little data about the insurance firm representing the at-fault party. The accident report may contain this information, but the report filing will take a few days. Second, the insurance firm of the at-fault party would like taking their insured party’s statement before awarding payments for car repairs. This could take a few days, weeks or even months. During this period, you won’t be in possession of the car. If you prefer taking the other insurance firm route, you’ll have the same procedure to follow but the additional hoops involved could be the reason for your headaches. Also, if liability rests on you, the other insurance firm won’t pay for your vehicle. You would then have to deal with your insurance firm.

Lawsuit Consideration

A lawsuit should be considered if you have huge medical bills to take care of, thanks to the accident. An experienced car accident lawyer Louisville needs to be by your side if you’re considering a lawsuit, as the attorney would be technically competent to evaluate the scenario and prepare an action plan.

One among the critical aspects of an auto accident case is determining the party that’s at fault. This could get fairly complicated, especially considering the various aspects that are into play such as road conditions, traffic rules, and behavior of drivers who were involved in the crash. With an attorney by your side, you can put forward your side of the story much more effectively. In cities like Louisville, a party could head to court and recover damages even if he/she was primarily responsible for the accident. Having an attorney represent your case therefore makes greater sense.

If you or someone you know has been recently involved in a car accident in Louisville, call this car accident lawyer. You’ll probably need assistance of a law firm such as Harville Law if you’re serious about recovering the medical bills and all other expenses incurred due to the accident.

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