What started off as a simple way to document my life as a law student and budding attorney, my blog, lais2008.com, has given me a fresh look on life. I am Ignatius Alistair Isaiah Smith and I am proud to say I’m no longer a lawyer. There’s nothing wrong with the legal profession as a whole, in fact, I’m still amazed at the ways the law can heavily influence a person’s life.

But the aggression you need in the courtroom is something I lacked. The judge and jury staring at me while I attempted to plead my client’s case intimidated me and I always found myself frozen on the spot. Ashamed, I would come home every night and think of all the different things I would have changed about my day in court.

I began to channel that energy into my blog—turning myself into this superhero of the courtroom and always ensuring that my clients got the happy ending they came to me for.

Needless to say, I didn’t even make it through my first year as an attorney before I left the profession for good. I might not have been a good lawyer, but the creative drive I got from writing about my superhero alter ego lit a fire inside of me, and I’ve continued his story since. Meet Captain Quantum.

Captain Quantum

Captain Quantum wasn’t always the brave superhero he is today. It all began ten years ago, when Professor Q. was working on an experiment that would be the breakthrough he needed in his scientific research when he tripped over a broken beaker one of his students dropped.

Professor Q. fell into his particle accelerator, absorbing the chemicals it contained. When he emerged, he wasn’t Professor Q. anymore . . . he was Captain Quantum.

With the ability to breathe fire when someone lies, see into the future, and read minds, Captain Quantum had to learn to master his powers and lead a simpler life. He eventually got his superpowers (mostly) under control, but not without years of training.

Now practicing as a general lawyer who is licensed to practice in all fifty states, Captain Quantum fights to protect the rights of the citizens of the United States in court. Here, you’ll find Quantum’s courtroom battles and watch him overcome his biggest strength and weakness: his superpowers.

The State vs. Tony Cappuccino

Captain Quantum goes by Attorney Q. in court. His first major court case after he became a superhero was against Tony Cappuccino, a member of the mob in New York who had been arrested on a double homicide charge.

Captain Quantum always knows when someone is lying and when someone tells a lie, Quantum has an overwhelming urge to breathe fire at them. When mobster Tony Cappuccino took the stand, it was all Quantum could do to keep his flames under control.

He had to take his mind off of the blatant lies somehow! Captain Quantum mustered all the strength he had in him and focused all of his attention on the Macarena to divert his mind.

Then, Attorney Q. stood before the jury and showed the undeniable DNA evidence of the defendant’s DNA under the nails of the victim and the jury convicted him within thirty minutes of deliberating. In that moment, Captain Quantum knew that he had found his calling.