[Last time we saw Captain Quantum, his “superhero” girlfriend, Supersonic Sapphire, admitted to him that she was never in love with him and was actually a villian.]

Q dropped to his knees in horror. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen after reading Sasha’s mind. Not only was she a super villian, but she was never really in love with him. Their whole relationship was built on her desire to get close to him so she could take him down.

Sasha sneered down at him as he wept. “Honestly, Q, I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on this sooner,” she said. “I would have thought a man with the ability to read minds would have picked up on what was going on long before now.”

Q looked up at her and replied, “What is all this about Sasha? It can’t be true.”

Sasha laughed cold heartedly, “C’mon Q, lighten up. We had a little bit of fun, sure, but you’ve always been a little naive to the ways of the real world.” She walked around the table, picked up her phone, and sent a quick text message while she spoke. “The guys are on their way up to get you now,” she said.

Q rose up to stand and said, “What do you mean by ‘the guys’?”

“The police, of course” said Sasha. “Oh sweetie, you didn’t think I was going to give you the easy way out by killing you did you?”

“And what exactly am I going to be arrested for?” asked Q.

Money laundering, for now. Seems like you’ve really done a number on the accounts of that investor you represented a few months back,” she said. She walked back to her seat at the table and sat down.

Q just stared at her from across the room before walking into the kitchen to make himself a strong drink. He took his drink to the massive windows in the dining area and stared out at the city while he nursed his drink. 

“What, cat got your tongue, Q?” asked Sasha while laughing.

“I don’t see how you can be laughing about this. What exactly is going on, Sasha? When we met, you were interning for that Pensacola car accident lawyer and now you’re telling me, what, that it was all a lie?” says Q while staring out the window.

“Basically,” says Sasha. “The police will be here any minute. Go ahead and ask your questions now. This is your only chance.”

“I only have one,” said Q. “Why?”


To be continued…