Attorney Q had been under a lot of stress lately following the near-drowning of his niece, relationship troubles with Sasha, and a huge caseload. He had heard through the grapevine that he might be going up against a powerhouse Chicago criminal defense lawyer and was feeling concerned with the strength of that particular case. 

After work one night, before it was announced by his firm who would be representing this case, Q went home, alone, got some work done, and turned in early. Q has been known to let his emotions get away from him, so he shouldn’t have been as surprised as he was when he had one of the worst nightmares of his entire life. 

Not long after falling asleep, Q found himself dreaming he now had a secret identity, and that he was Captain Quantum all the time. This in itself would have been a nightmare for Q, who enjoys living his day-to-day life among all the chaos of his superhero world. 

Things begin to worsen in the dream when Captain Quantum finds out that his girlfriend, Sasha, had been kidnapped by a super villain, known Doctor Jellyfish, who had long, jellyfish-like tentacles for hands and wanted to take down Captain Quantum once and for all so he could take over the world. 

Captain Quantum is led on a scavenger hunt of sorts to find Sasha, who has been incapacitated by her captors and can therefore not use her own superpowers as Supersonic Sapphire. He finds himself being terrorized in a corn maze, forced to battle a terrifying monster guarding a tower that held the final clue to Sasha’s location. 

Once Captain Quantum finally finds his way to Sasha and saves her from the evil Dr. Jellyfish, he is even more surprised to learn that Sasha herself has facilitated the entire kidnapping before she shoves him off of the building to his death! 

Q awoke with a scream, not only at the thought of his life ending, but of Sasha really being evil. Was she even a superhero? Q wasn’t one to look too much into his dreams, but he couldn’t help but think to himself that he wouldn’t have dreamed such a thing if Sasha didn’t have something up her sleeve. . .

But, how would Q approach this situation? Would he discuss his fears with her? Embark on a mission for answers? Would he end the relationship and move on? 

To be continued . . .