Spencer Chapman and Attorney Q go way back. They met on the first day of their freshman year in college when they became roommates of their shared dorm. Spencer was unaware, as most people are, of Q’s secret identity as a superhero, but all of that was about to change in the aftermath of the worst day of his life.

It was a beautiful Fourth of July in Spencer’s hometown of Lancaster, and Q and Sasha came to celebrate Independence Day with the family after dropping off some legal documents for a Los Angeles car accident attorney. The guys were barbecuing when suddenly Sasha and Spencer’s wife, Jamie, came running towards them with Spencer’s daughter, Hailey, in his arms.

Hailey was just three years old and had snuck into the pool at some point during the cookout. An ambulance was called, but despite their efforts to revive her, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. Spencer and Jamie were completely distraught, as any parent would be, and Q thought desperately of what he could do to help. Unfortunately, Q’s superpowers were completely useless in this situation, as were Sasha’s. 

Sasha asked to speak with Q privately and told him of a compound she had been working on at her lab that might be able to help. She had been trying to increase the strength of her powers when she discovered that the makeup of the chemicals could not only increase her current powers, but create new ones just by thinking them. She never told Captain Quantum what she had discovered for ethical reasons, but she now knew that, sometimes, the rules must be bent. Hailey’s death was something Sasha couldn’t live with when she knew she could save her.

With Spencer and Jamie in mourning, Q and Sasha headed back to her lab in Miami overnight using Sasha’s supersonic speed. Once there, Q showered in the chemical mixture, thinking that he wished he could have the power to turn back time. With no time to waste, they hurried back to Vestavia Hills to be with Spencer and Jamie. 

Once they arrived, Captain Quantum went out to the pool where Hailey had drowned and dipped his fingers in the water. As he did, he stood frozen in time as the last 24 hours reversed in slow motion. 

He watched himself and Spencer laughing over the grill… Sasha and Jamie playing Red Rover with the kids… and finally, the moment Hailey quietly slipped away to the pool. He saw her start to get in and trip over the ladder. It was then that he took his hand out of the pool and hurriedly pulled Hailey out while she coughed up pool water. 

Everyone came rushing towards Hailey, concerned for what had just happened. With two Q’s there and no reasonable explanation, Q had to explain to the group about what had just happened. Spencer and Jamie were stunned, incredulous, but grateful that their daughter was safe. 

The two Captain Quantum’s now had to figure out what consequences there would be for changing the past, and what the original Q was going to do next. Stay in this time, or go back to the future.