As we all know, Captain Quantum wasn’t always the man he is today. He had to keep his identity as a superhero secret from everyone in his family, which was especially painful for Q as he was always quite close to his sister, Rachel. 

She was just completely confused when he suddenly started to distance himself from her when he first became aware of his superpowers. When she moved to Louisiana to start her own family, Q didn’t even say goodbye to her. 

Q has always regretted his decision not to fill his sister in on such a major life change. Rachel knows all about Sasha, but she had no idea about their double lives. All of that changed the day that a drunk driver struck Rachel, leaving her with a serious brain injury and in a coma. Q was completely distraught over what happened to his beloved sister, and even though Captain Quantum is supposed to be one of the good guys, the absolute rage and vengeance he felt thinking about how reckless that drunk driver was sent him over the edge. 

In a blind rage, he prepared to take the ultimate revenge against the driver who hurt his sister. Sasha did everything she could to stop him; begged and pleaded with him to see reasons and let the law obtain justice for Rachel, but Captain Quantum knew all too well that sometimes, the good guy loses in court, and he wasn’t about to let this drunk get away with taking his sister from him. He went down to the police station to talk to the police officer who arrested the drunk. 

It turned out the vermin had already made bail and was sleeping off his drunken stupor. Captain Quantum used his ability to read minds on the police officer to find out where the drunk lived. Once he heard the address, he made an excuse to leave and immediately set out to kill the man who put Rachel in a coma. 

He hopped in his car, ready to do what had to be done when all of a sudden, a catchy jingle on the radio caught his attention, very briefly. It was a commercial for a law firm that helps TBI victims and as he listened, his eyes welled up with tears. He pulled over to the side of the road and sobbed, believing this was a sign from Rachel that he needed to take a minute to calm down before he ruined more than just his life. 

Instead of going to the drunk driver’s house, Q made his way back to the hospital where he could be close to Rachel. He held her hand and quietly cried at the thought of losing her, when suddenly she began to wake up! Q hugged his sister so tightly and apologized over and over again for letting her down. She was shocked to awaken to see her big brother, and simply hugged him back. They would never have to worry about losing each other again.