Captain Quantum doesn’t live a life of solitude outside of the courtroom; in fact, he’s quite the social butterfly. In the years following his transformation and acclimation to becoming a superhero, Q found himself feeling quite lonely. After all, he didn’t have anyone he could share his secret with, and his friends had no idea the pressure he was under to always be on his A game.

Q’s friends, in an attempt to help him find someone to share his life with, created a profile for him on an online dating website so he could meet someone. Q was shocked at how many replies he received over the next couple of weeks, and after a couple of pretty horrible first dates, he was not looking forward to the next date he had lined up: lunch at Fairfax Farmer’s Market in The Grove.

When Q first saw Sasha, he was wowed—to say the least. It wasn’t so much her looks that drew him in, rather, her free spirit and million-dollar smile. What he didn’t know, however, was that Sasha had a lot more in common with him than he thought.

Supersonic Sapphire

Although Sasha and Q matched on a dating website because they both work as attorneys, Q had no idea that Sasha was actually a superhero, as well. Prior to becoming an attorney, Sasha worked as a chemical engineer at a nuclear power plant, but when she was doused with a uranium mixture in an accident, her life was forever changed.

Sasha became Supersonic Sapphire, an energy vampire who has the ability to drain the energy of those around her, preferably those who are up to no good. Not only does she have the ability to fly through the air at supersonic speeds, allowing her to travel long distances quickly, but she also has mind control powers that she uses to compel defendants into telling the truth when she is in court.

The legal field seemed to be her best option for keeping her identity a secret and using her powers for good, and she has continued working as an attorney ever since she recovered from the chemical spill that brought on her powers.

Attorneys Q. and Sasha Take on Joey Borracho

There are plenty of stories about Captain Quantum and Supersonic Sapphire taking on the law, as well as the story of how Q and Sasha discovered each other’s superhero status, but this one is about their first experience working together to bring down a drunk driver who couldn’t care less.

Q was prosecuting Joey Borracho, who was backed by a renowned car accident lawyer in LA, while Sasha was representing the family of the person who Borracho killed after a night of heavy drinking. Borracho’s lack of remorse or empathy for the situation made things much more devastating than they should have been.

Q and Sasha combined his ability to read minds and her ability to control minds to ensure that Borracho wasn’t able to hide behind his rough exterior. Instead, he was compelled to tell the truth about what happened the night his drunkenness cost another their life.

After Borracho accepted responsibility for his actions, he was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter and ordered to pay restitution of $100,000 over a period of 10 years in order to repay the family of the person he killed.