Captain Quantum wasn’t a superhero when he met Supersonic Sapphire. Well, he was, but he didn’t meet her as Captain Quantum. He met her as just Q, an attorney trying to do right by his clients and live by the letter of the law. When Q met Supersonic Sapphire, he had no idea she was a superhero. They were just Q and Sasha, meeting outside the law library after she dropped one of her books.

They always thought it was such a coincidence that they both happened to be attorneys and that she dropped her book at the very moment Q walked by. 

Little did Q know, nothing about their relationship was a coincidence.

Sasha stood by his side for years. They became romantically involved and, eventually, he shared his secret identity with her. Having such a trusted confidant was completely new to Q, and he never once considered that her intentions were anything but sincere.

Over time, as Q and Sasha got serious about their relationship, he eventually asked her to move in with him. It was then that he began to expect there was something fishy going on. Living and working together left very little time to themselves, but this was ultimately the first sign that something was wrong.

Sasha began taking a lot of work calls, and Q would wake up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. He would find Sasha sitting on her laptop, so he began assuming she was just really busy with work—that is, until she left her phone on the counter as she ran out the door one day.

Normally, Q would never have questioned Sasha, and he certainly didn’t think she was being unfaithful. Still, when he saw her phone on the counter, something inside of him stirred. 

He reached for the phone and saw one particular number calling her at all hours. In fact, it was the only number she had any communication with at all. Even Q’s number wasn’t in the phone, and he realized that this phone was a duplicate of the pink iPhone that was always in her hands.

When Q confronted Sasha, she had some excuse about wanting to see more of the world and the phone was a secret so she could plan their next romantic getaway.

But Captain Quantum knows a lie when he sees one, and without intending to, he read her mind. He stumbled back in horror and devastation when he realized what she had done.

Upon reading her mind, Q discovered that not only was Sasha playing him for a fool for the entire two years of their relationship, but she also wasn’t a superhero at all, but instead a villain, looking to take Q down.

“How could you?” was all Q could say, heartbroken.

Looking up from her chair, Sasha sneered, “How could I? You had this coming.” She got up and walked toward him, touching the side of his cheek. “You didn’t actually think I loved you, did you? So much for those superpowers” she laughed.

To be continued