As a general lawyer, Attorney Q’s work takes him all over the country. He has several clients in Indiana, and happened to find himself in Terre Haute after he received a desperate call from one woman in particular. This is the story of Captain Quantum versus the scheming spouse.

Attorney Q’s Divorce Client

Mrs. Lindsay Walrus has had Attorney Q on retainer ever since she had her suspicions that her husband of more than thirty years was having an affair. She never thought their marriage would come to an end, and she didn’t believe in divorce. However, Mrs. Walrus also is one smart lady, and she knew well enough to protect herself in case her husband wasn’t all he appeared to be.

Unfortunately, her marriage came to an end one night when Mrs. Walrus came home to find her husband’s mistress moved in, and her belongings moved out. In tears, she called Attorney Q to come and help her figure out what her next step would be.

He arrived in Brazil, Indiana the following night after booking her a hotel in nearby Terre Haute for the evening, where he consulted with a family law attorney in Milwaukee to ensure there weren’t any local laws that could get in his way. Q is a compassionate attorney, and in charge of Mrs. Walrus’s estate as well, so he helped Mrs. Walrus get set up into an apartment while they attempted to work through the terms of the divorce settlement with Mr. Walrus’s divorce attorney.

Unfortunately, they were unable to come to an arrangement, as Mr. Walrus felt like Mrs. Walrus shouldn’t be entitled to spousal support—he claimed he didn’t have any money to financially support her and himself (and his new bride-to-be).

They were set to appear in court for a hearing, and Attorney Q wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to win if there wasn’t any money, but Captain Quantum had an inkling that there may be more to the story than Mr. Walrus was willing to admit.

What Happened in Court

Attorney Q does his best not to let his superhero alter ego take control, but when he goes up against people who are doing wrong, he often can’t help himself despite his efforts. Sure enough, as the hearing began, Captain Quantum emerged.

While Mr. Walrus took the stand to explain that he didn’t have any more money, claiming he had gambled it all away, Captain Quantum read his mind and discovered that he had placed the money in an international bank account so Mrs. Walrus couldn’t touch it.

Once he knew this piece of information, during cross-examination he was able to get Mr. Walrus to admit that he had hidden the money during a series of rapid-fire questions. In the end, the judge turned over the total amount in the bank account, a total of $3,675,000, to Mrs. Walrus!

Though Captain Quantum had to use his powers to gain the advantage in court, he’ll do whatever he must to ensure that justice is served for his clients.