Getting A Car Crash Report In Ann Arbor, Michigan

After you’ve suffered the harsh experience of a car crash in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the last thing that you need is to run up and down putting the paperwork together to avail to your insurance company. If your car is involved in a crash, your insurance company will demand that you submit a formal traffic report that indicates how the accident happened and who is at fault. This will help to settle you and the victims. To save yourself from the struggle that comes with filling a car crash report, you should hire an experienced attorney. If you hire an Ann Arbor attorney for car accidents, the first thing that the expert will do in examining your traffic case is to obtain your car crash report.

Obtaining the Car Crash Report

The traffic report can be obtained in person or through the online method. To get the official report in person, you are expected to visit the Ann Arbor Police Traffic Department anytime of the day between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. You should come with a processing fee of $5 in cash. If you prefer to pay by check or credit card, it’s still allowed. However, you are required to make a formal call to the traffic department in advance so that they can prepare the traffic report by the time you get there. ┬áThe online method of getting a car crash report in Ann Arbor, Michigan involves the application via email. In this case, you are expected to make a formal email request for the report after paying $5 by cheque. You should attach a copy of the cheque and the case number when making the request.

Details of the Car Crash Report

The car crash report shows all the important findings concerning the accident. The document talks about:

  • The type of car crash and the damages suffered by the victims
  • The condition of the road during the crash
  • The type of road, for example, paved road, gravel road, and lane number
  • The time that the car crash occurred
  • The exact location in Ann Arbor where the crash occurred
  • The injuries suffered by the victims of the accident
  • A brief description of how the car accident happened
  • Details about the witnesses of the crash
  • Who is to blame for the car crash

Proving Your Version after Obtaining the Report

At times, the information recorded in the traffic report may not be correct. This may be because the investigative officer who made the report did not witness the crash. For instance, probably the officer based his or her findings on the condition of the car and the testimonies of the witnesses. If the information is inaccurate, you should look for an attorney to help you report your own version. Generally, the report helps in filing for material damage claims, insurance benefits, and injury claims.

Bottom Line

As you may have realized, getting a car crash report in Ann Arbor, Michigan is not hard if you hire an attorney. The lawyer will ensure that the details of your report are correct for you to be compensated.