Helping put criminals away and get justice for families in need isn’t just what Captain Quantum does, it’s who he is. In his early days, he used to uncover some pretty serious crimes. . . like the time he discovered his brother, Jimbo, had become involved with a gang that was successful in a string of bank robberies. 

These days, Captain Quantum understands the seriousness of those types of crimes, and without having superhuman strength and a lack of empathy, he’s not a violent guy. With that being said, nothing heats Q up more than injustice, which brings us to his recent investigation into a potential Ponzi scheme. His victim? Q’s own mother. 

Things first came to light during Thanksgiving, as many family issues do. The family was seated around the large table and his mother had spent the entire day cooking their Thanksgiving feast. Inevitably, the dinner conversation turned into an inquisition on when Q was going to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend (and fellow superhero) Sasha. Q’s mom was getting desperate for grandchildren, and the more people joked, the more uncomfortable Q became. 

He quickly changed the topic of conversation to his success in the stock market. Q’s mom mentioned that she had also recently begun investing. This piqued Q’s interest, as he knew his mother had zero experience in investing. 

She began to tell them about how a stockbroker by the name of Kendrick Henderson had called her on the phone one day and mentioned this incredible investment opportunity he had for her. She went on to describe what was essentially an electric toothbrush for dentures, and Q outwardly winced. 

He immediately knew this had to be a scam, but before he broke his mother’s heart, he had to find out more. While his mother chatted on excitedly about how she was going to make a ton of money, he began taking notes. 

The following day, Q went to work to find out more about this Kendrick Henderson. As it turns out, he had been previously investigated by the Department of Justice after an SEC whistleblower reported that he was involved in insider trading. Q knew he wouldn’t even need his powers to bring this guy down.

Q made an anonymous tip to the SEC after that, with concerns that Henderson was operating a Ponzi scheme. Months later, his mother called him, telling him angrily about how the stockbroker she was working with was just arrested for investment fraud! Fortunately, his mother was able to obtain her return before his arrest, after some gentle prodding from her son, Q.