Whenever you were asked who your favorite superhero was growing up, you probably said Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. While Spiderman and Superman are incredible superheroes, there are issues to address with Batman. With Captain Quantum growing in popularity, it merits reviewing the top three reasons why Captain Quantum is a better superhero than the Caped Crusader.

Batman Breaks the Law

First of all, Captain Quantum isn’t a law breaker. They don’t call Batman a vigilante for nothing. He is always destroying public property and turning to violence to get justice. Captain Quantum not only never hurts people or property, but he also quite literally holds criminals and bad guys accountable in a court of law; killing two birds with one stone, figuratively speaking. 

Captain Quantum Doesn’t Need Fancy Gadgets and Equipment

Bruce Wayne is the wealthiest man in Gotham and has all of the best gadgets, not to mention his luxurious batmobile. If Batman really wanted to do right by Gotham, he would have used some of his wealth to make the city a better place . . . maybe donate some money or build homeless shelters. Instead, he uses his wealth to build outrageous devices that he might use once before it gets destroyed. 

All Captain Quantum needs to get the job done is himself. He never turns to violence and only uses his powers when it becomes absolutely necessary. Q isn’t wealthy like Bruce Wayne, but if he was, there is no way he would hoard all of that money to himself. 

Batman Has a Superiority Complex 

Batman claims to have this rule about not killing people, but he has no problem seriously injuring civilians and even killed everyone in the League of Shadows to save one criminal. Let’s be honest here, the injuries these people have suffered are probably worse than if they had been killed in many cases. 

Setting aside the fact that Captain Quantum has never been known to be violent with the bad guys, Captain Quantum understands that his ability to read minds is an invasion of personal privacy, and he does everything he can to avoid using this power just for that reason. However, he isn’t above doing so when it means justice for those who have been wronged. 

Honestly, Batman is an overrated superhero who gets way too much credit. Seriously, Mr. Freeze is a better superhero than him, and that guy was supposed to be a villain, but that’s a whole other story. Captain Quantum may not be the only superhero the people need, but they certainly need him more than they need Batman.